Little Chomps Messy Mealtime Smock Review

As most of you know, mealtimes with our little chompers can get pretty messy and by the time we’re finished our babies are covered in a sticky goopy mess. If you’re Baby Led Weaning you’ll understand my frustration, because having to scrub pumpkin and carrot smears out of light coloured clothes is an absolute disaster and on the odd occasion I’ve even had to bin clothes because they’re no longer usable. Traditional bibs protect our little ones chests quite well, but the only downside is that they leave every other body part uncovered and open to the mess, so thankfully I have found a solution…introducing the Little Chomps Messy Mealtime Smock!

The amazing thing about this product is that it is fully enclosed and completely protects your baby from all of those unwanted messy situations. It has long sleeves, elasticated wrists, the extra long length comes well over the knees and the one-size-fits-all allows the bib to grow with your baby. An added bonus is that it has incredibly strong press studs at the back which means that your kiddos won’t ever have a chance of ripping it off – seriously, they’re really really strong! The smock isn’t limited to feeding too and you can also use it during arts and crafts play which we all know can be just as messy!

When I received the smock from Little Chomps I was envisaging stiff PVC, but to my surprise the fabric was incredibly soft and malleable – which is exactly what we want when we’re dealing with our LO’s sensitive skin. The breathable waterproof fabric doesn’t let any moisture soak through keeping our LO’s dry and the clean up involves just a simple wipe. For those really messy moments you can also throw it into the washing machine and it’ll come out brand spanking new. Yassss! So far we’ve tried out some of the messiest of meals – pasta bolognese, weetbix, sweet potato fritters, chunks of pumpkin, full cups of water – and I’m happy to say that ALL have made it through without a droplet or food scrap anywhere near his clothes!

Retailing at $24.95 AUD it is a pretty cheap investment that will save you loads of time cleaning up and last right through all of those messy years. I really wish I had found this product 5 months ago when we started our Baby Led Weaning journey, but I’m sending word out now to all you other mummies so you can purchase this product earlier than I did. Highly recommend!


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