10 Mum Bloggers You Need To Follow

There are plenty of mum bloggers out there sharing their lives with the world, but there are a select few that I always turn to when I click on that little insta icon. I follow all of these women for completely different reasons, but on some level I connect with each and every one of them. The one thing that they do have in common is that they are all AMAZING mummas, so check em out!


I’ve been following Zoe Fuimaono’s Instagram page for a while now and one word comes to mind…SUPERMOM. Seriously, this chick has TWO sets of TWINS all under the age of two-ish and she still slays it at mumlife every single damn day. Zoe’s daringly honest about all things motherhood and openly shares the ups and downs of caring for four kids, whilst also trying to find the time to nurture her own beautiful soul. Her (breastfeeding) journey hasn’t been easy and even when her world seems to be crumbling around her, you can see her strength and determination to persevere through it. Zoe’s got her hands full, literally, but somehow she still finds the time to empower all the mummas out there with uplifting and positive messages. This girrrrl is just f*#king boss. She’s strong, passionate, driven and you need to follow her (…and her husband @blessedindoublesdad).


Steph Pase is beautiful mummy to daughter Harper and is now expecting her second baby in December 2017. I originally followed Steph because I’m a sucker for fit-mums and she had such a passion for living a healthy lifestyle, but little did I know there was so much depth to her. Steph has openly discussed her personal battle with anxiety and she uses exercise to nurture her mental health. I don’t think that these issues are talked about enough in today’s society and this girrl is super brave to be sharing her story with the world. If you want to see fit-pregnancy inspo, makeup tutorials and cute toddler and baby pics then give this mumma a follow!


Sarah is a newly-married beautiful mumma to two of the cutest and smiliest little boys, Finn and Leo. You can see through her social media how devoted she is to her sons and she has made some huge personal sacrifices to be closer to them (working in journalism is one of them), they are her life and she is theirs. On her blog BabyCakes you’ll find product reviews, wedding ideas, yummy baking recipes and just an honest insight into a full-time working mother of two’s life. As a first-time-mum I have learnt alot from Sarah’s posts because she writes about all the random stuff that a new mumma wouldn’t have a clue about such as mothers groups, mum guilt, pregnancy, breastfeeding, first aid, going from one child to two, postpartum anxiety, mumhacks…she does it all! She’s just a regular mum doing her thang, shes real, she’s honest and you need to check her page out!

4. @thebreastcollective

The Breast Collective was created by fellow mumma Chelsea Waru, who wanted to create a platform where mums could go to share and celebrate in their own breastfeeding journeys. On the blog there are a selection of personal stories that give an insight into the challenges that a mother may face while breastfeeding. For some women breastfeeding isn’t easy and I’ve come to realise how fortunate I am to have not had any major issues with Jacob. It’s beautifully written, honest, informative and empowering. Definitely worth a read you guys. Theres just something really beautiful about looking at an image of a mother feeding her baby, its just so pure, and if you give TBC a follow you’ll see all of the stunning bf pics too! Also check out her personal journey of all things self-love, power of the mind, weight loss and embracing our mumbods on her insta @milk.mind.muscles


Nadine has #fitspo written all over her page. She is mumma to Madden, f45coach, personal trainer, nutritionist…you name it she does it! I love her outlook on life because she is so positive and I believe that her exercise routines really attribute to this. Even though she has a killer bod and she generally only posts positive affirmations (which is not a bad thing!), she is still very transparent and tells you how it is. Nadine and little Madden have just celebrated 20 months of breastfeeding and she’s all about encouraging mummas to fuel our bodies the healthy way and promoting self-love – this chick is just inspirational and needs to be in your feed!


If you want a hilariously raw no-fucks-given insight into mumlife, then Rebecca Keil is your woman! She’s mumma to two lil’ cool kids Rocky and Ruby, newly wedded wife to babydaddy Jared and daughter to @nana_of_ig (lol). With a whole lot of cheekiness and cuteness all rolled into two small humans, Rocky and Ruby are undoubtedly the stars of the show. Over on Becca’s insta stories you’ll see highlights of Rocky doing a whole lotta dancing, Ruby just looking hella cute and mumma chatting about all things #mumlife. If you’re lucky, try and catch her after a night out…literally THE BEST LOLS you will ever get in your life.


Dani is another motivational #fitmum but with a difference, she is hilariously honest with a potty mouth to boot! At nearly 5 months postpartum she looks damn hot, but she has worked bloody hard to get there…and even still, after two kids she continues to learn to embrace ye old mumbod. Dani is all about finding the balance between looking after her kiddos, working out using Kayla Itsines BBG, eating healthy and knowing when its time to rest. Her words are honest, motivational and real.


Finley is four years old and has been diagnosed with Mild Spastic Deplegia Cerebral Palsy. Let this not define who she is because she is just like any other four year old…except she’s had a rough start to life. Her parents have done everything in their willpower to improve her quality of life and Finley has most recently had Stemcell Therapy which proves to be working. The end goal is for her to walk independently and it is inspiring to see how much strength her mumma Christina has shown to get her there. Their bond is absolutely beautiful.


Anna Strode is the infamous “Fit Twin Mumma” who incorporates exercise into her daily routine by using her twin boys as weights and she started doing it to fuel her mind first and body second. Her insta videos make me feel exhausted just watching them and so I can’t even imagine how she’s feeling at 39 weeks pregnant with her third baby on the way! This woman is the epitome of the term fit-pregnancy and she shows you that you can do a workout anywhere and everywhere, even while cleaning. I guess that means I should go do a workout then eh? Haha.


Whitney is the wonderwoman behind ChampagneChores and is a first-time-mumma to lil’ Mason. They live in Queenstown in one of the most beautiful places on Earth and her daily pics of the stunning sunrises filtering across the New Zealand landscape are to-die-for. This girrrl is not only a good cook (“cooking with whitney!”) but shes also goddamn hilarious and I love that she can totally take the piss out of herself – her sense of humour is on point people! Whitney is embarking on her own fitness journey and her and Mason are shredding for a family vacay in Vietnam…while also trying to learn to embrace her new mumbod, which I’m sure most new mummas can relate to. If you want cooking tips, beautiful views, fitness inspo and daily LOLS then give her a follow.

Peace x




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