Dear Babydaddy,

After all this hoo-haa about me going back to work soon, I didn’t even stop to think how the same issue would have affected my partner Sean. Sometimes I can get so caught up with the chaos of mumlife that I forget that dadlife also comes with it’s challenges along the way too. So today, I would like to pen an open letter to Jacob’s dad to express how much we love and appreciate everything that he does for our family.

Dear Babydaddy,

Thank you for opening my eyes to the reality of having a family. I didn’t think we were ready to have a baby, but you showed me that a “mistake” could actually be a blessing in disguise. You said we could make it work and look at us now…we adapted our lifestyle to make the wrong time the right time and it has been the best decision that we have ever made.

Thank you for always being THERE. You held my hand through every ultrasound scan, spent every night feeling Jacob’s karate kicks, rubbed my back through the pregnancy indigestion, calmed me during those stressful early breastfeeding days, changed the overnight poo explosions and wiped up the puddles of baby vomit dripping down the side of our mattress. Although I encouraged you to go, you even turned away invitations to drunken boys nights out just so you could keep my emotional pregnant self company. To give up your last night of freedom with the boys, you’re either crazy or you’re just a fucking champ. Obviously you’re the latter.

Thank you for always putting us first. Whether its attempting to settle Jacob to give me a break even though you know you can’t, forgoing the finer things in life to buy (more!) baby stuff or even just pulling the pram/baby/dog out of the car to save my back – no matter how big or small it is, selfless deeds like these show that you’re fearsomely protective when it comes to your family. Throughout my whole pregnancy and even now, you’re always saying something along the lines of “…whatever you need we’ll get it” and “…whatever makes you comfortable”. Even if we can’t afford it, you still put your needs last and because as long as we’re happy, you’re happy.

Thank you for doing the daily 9 to 5 (plus 1-4 hours OT) grind. That first day returning back to work must have been really hard for you, to have to leave your family when all you wanted was to be at home watching your newborn baby meet his developmental milestones. Even now it must be hard knowing that every night when you come home from work, the sun has set and Jacob is on his way to bed, yet you still manage to come home with a smile on your face and cuddles to share. You have always said that you would love to be a SAH dad, but there wasn’t even a discussion of who would be the one looking after Jacob because you pretty much handed it to me on a platter. Every day you bust your ass for 8-12 hours a day so that Jacob and I can stay at home together and for that I am grateful. Please know that every morning that you walk out that front door, that you are loved and appreciated.

Thank you for not forgetting about US. Sometimes I get totally absorbed by this whole mum gig that all I talk about is Jacob this and Jacob that, and somehow WE slip through the cracks. I can totally understand how relationships fall apart because having children will test any relationship, even the good ones. I think you know just as much as I do that it is important to not forget how Jacob got here in the bloody first place. You’re always suggesting that we go and have a date night at the movies, so I’m thankful that atleast one of us is trying to keep the romance alive. Once Jakey takes the bottle again, I’ll be there waiting at the basketball arcade game with my overpriced food and ticket to the latest superhero movie.

Thank you for grounding me. As you know its very rare that I freak out, but when I do I feel like my world is crumbling around me. Now and then you have come home from work to my tears of frustration (at either fur baby or real baby, mainly fur baby) and somehow you just have this way of bringing me back down to this calm place. I love that you are able to read my emotions, especially when I’ve gone quiet, you know exactly what to say to pep my mood back up again. Your presence makes me feel protected, safe and secure.

Thank you for being a fucking awesome dad. You’re not a textbook type dad because lets be honest you’re a bit of a goofball, but you really are acing this whole dad thing. From day dot you have been such a doting father and the look on Jacob’s face when you come home says it all. Just yesterday he kept trying to stand up (with my assistance ofcorse), then he would instantly look at you for praise. I think he did it about 20 times over because he knows that Dad will always have a stash of smiles and giggles up his sleeve. I can just imagine the mischief that you both will get up to when he’s older.

Thank you for creating the most beautiful little boy we ever did see. I know I’m being biased here but who knew that we could make such a beautiful baby. It’s just crazy to think that WE made him, he’s our “mini-us”! Jacob brings so much light, laughter and joy to our lives and I couldn’t even imagine it any other way. I’m glad to be doing life with you and the little man…oh and Thomas and Louis too.

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU.

Love Tracy xx


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